MIKE SONKO addresses the media following the arrest of SHARON ATIENO for impersonating a lawyer – This is his letter to LSK


Former Nairobi County governor Mike Sonko has spoken out following the arrest of yet another imposter lawyer in Nairobi on Monday.

Sharon Atieno was detained for allegedly practicing law without the necessary documentation.

Her arrest follows Brian Mwenda’s arrest for identity theft while reportedly practicing law without the necessary papers.

In response to the arrest of two fake lawyers in one week, Sonko encouraged the Law Society of Kenya to develop a formula that will allow people found illegally practicing law to obtain the necessary training and qualifications.

A suspected phony lawyer, according to the former county executive, should not be prosecuted because all they need is training to become legitimate legal practitioners.

“I am sure there are many cases of you lawyers who are talented but cannot be lawyers because they lack money to enable them to maybe go to the Kenya School of Law,” Sonko stated in a message to LSK President Eric Theuri.

“Some of them might have law degrees but because of their family background, their parents cannot afford to take them to the school of law.”


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