RUTO raises the rent for hustlers living in government houses by a staggering 10% – Look! This is no longer explainable


Beginning next month, hustlers residing in government housing will no longer be able to afford inexpensive accommodation.

This comes after President William Ruto raised their rent, which surprised everyone given that he is working on cheap housing complexes.

Ruto increased rent for its residences by 10% through the Ministry of Lands, Public Works, Housing, and Urban Development.

The government suggested in a letter dated September 28 from Housing PS Charles Hinga to his Treasury colleague, Chris Kiptoo, that the higher rates will take effect on November 1, 2023.

The letter, which was released on Tuesday, was a follow-up to previous proposals made by the State Department in 2021.

The new policy was stated as a means of increasing money for the department.

The government’s new policy would mostly affect civil servants who live in properties managed by various government entities and agencies.

Most of the time, government housing provides relief to government employees because the rent charged is usually lower than that of privately owned residences.

As a result, the change will have an impact on many Kenyans who are trying to make ends meet due to the rising cost of living in recent years.

Notably, the rent rise coincides with the government’s efforts to gather cash for affordable housing initiatives around the country.

The government intends to build 200,000 residences per year across the country, with employees already facing a 1.5% monthly pay decrease.


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