GACHAGUA is to blame for Governor MWANGAZA’s problems, according to CS MOSES KURIA


According to recent remarks by the former Gatundu South MP, the feud between Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is far from finished.

This comes after he accused Gachagua of being behind the troubles of Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza.

Kuria intimated yesterday that Gachagua’s statements may have led to Mwangaza’s embarrassing detention.

While showing the arrest video, the CS questioned what the DP meant when he told Meru’s leaders to settle their differences.

“Is this what Gachagua meant that ‘Meru problems be solved in Meru by Merians’,” he wrote in his essay.

According to Kuria, it was improper for the current administration to harass critics in the same way that the previous administration did.

“It is wrong to harass Governor Kawira Mwangaza in exactly the same way the other Government was harassing some of us,” he told reporters.

On October 1, Gachagua said that he would step back from the country’s ongoing squabbles and allow the country’s elected officials to resolve the issues.

The second-in-command stated that he and President William Ruto will not intervene like they did earlier this year when Mwanganza faced impeachment.

Mwangaza was apprehended during one of her charity events, a ‘one cow per poor family project’ in Imenti Central Sub-County.

The police, according to the Governor, declined to take her to the police station and press charges.

She was allegedly detained in the police cruiser for two hours.

“I am under arrest now for donating a cow to a needy family,” she went on to say.

The police, however, stated that it was a case of mistaken identity and released the Governor.

The police apologized and stated that the event was not intentional.


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