SAKAJA was compelled to compensate smoke traders when a public outcry erupted after his ‘goons’ harassed and destroyed their tools of trade


Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja was compelled to reimburse street vendors whose means of trade were attacked and destroyed by Kanjos, or municipal askaris.

This comes after a widespread outcry over Kanjos’ harsh use of the venders’ tools.

Sakaja ordered yesterday in a statement to Nairobians that each seller whose carts were vandalized and confiscated by County authorities known as kanjos be compensated Ksh10,000.

He expressed regret for the situation and stated that the County Government will take disciplinary action against the personnel involved.

“I have ordered the immediate release of all confiscated items, apologized to the traders and personally compensated each of them to the tune of 10,000 shillings each,” the governor said in a statement.

While issuing an apology, Sakaja stated that the County leadership has created a cordial relationship over the years, but that recent developments are threatening to undermine it.

“Even if the traders were operating without the required documentation, including a Medical Certificate from Public Health that every food handler must have for the safety of Nairobians, they did not deserve such treatment and we are dealing with this internally,” Sakaja stated in a press release.

Earlier in the day, the askaris vandalized and seized vending carts, causing outrage among Kenyans who questioned whether the hatred directed at the sellers was necessary.

When the vandalism occurred, no valid justification was presented.

Photos circulated on social media showed smokies and boiled eggs lying on the roadside as a county askari lorry towed other carts.

Aside from ordinary Kenyans, renowned figures also weighed in on the discussion.

Sakaja was singled out by President William Ruto’s Economic Advisor David Ndii, who accused his government of being unfriendly to hustlers.


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