SAM ATANDI, a RAILA supporter, was expelled from Parliament for challenging GACHAGUA’s vast fortune – LOOK!


Sam Atandi, an Alego Usonga MP, was booted out of Parliament on Wednesday for questioning the source of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s income.

In Parliament, Atandi questioned the source of the money Gachagua transports in bags and distributes in churches and other political gatherings.

During the hearings, Atandi, who is associated with Raila Odinga’s Azimio, blamed the Kenya Kwanza Government for the country’s high cost of living.

“Because this Government has allowed corruption in all its rank, you see a whole Deputy President carrying sacks of money going to church to give donations everywhere.”

“You are displaying corruption and you want the country to prosper, it cannot work.”

“Therefore, we must tie these things so that they work together,” he went on to say.

This sparked a debate with acting Speaker and Kitui South MP Rachael Nyamai, who demanded that the member either justify or withdraw his claims.

“The language you are using is unparliamentary and basing on Standing Order 91, you mentioned Deputy President in bad light and you talked about carrying money in bags,” he said.

“I want to invoke the Standing Order; responsibility for statement of fact and I would like you to either substantiate, withdraw or you get kicked out.”

“Are you willing to withdraw and apologise?”

“I am talking about corruption and I don’t find anything that I will withdraw because it is very clear.”
“Government officers are displaying corruption,” Atandi said.

“I want to add that DP is carrying millions in a bag to take donations.”

“We know the law says that you cannot withdraw more than Ksh1 million in your account.”

“Where does he get the money from?”

Following his statements, Nyamai escorted the legislator out of the rooms.


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