El Nino has vanished as a result of our prayers at Nyayo, where RAILA and his allies mocked us – RUTO claims credit for the change in weather patterns.


President William Ruto said yesterday that the disastrous El Nino rains that Kenyans were expecting will not occur because to his administration’s persistent prayers.

The Head of State ascribed the shift in pattern to Kenya Kwanza’s faith in God and prayers held at Nyayo Stadium.

According to him, they prayed for rain, and God provided it, even changing what would have been destructive rain into good rain.

He advised people who chastised them for praying for rain to believe in God and get their miracles.

“There were many who criticized us when we prayed for rain at Nyayo stadium. They claim that the entire President is pleading for rain. “Now see, we have more rains than we have had in four years, and that is God’s doing,” he added.

Meteorologists, according to Ruto, have revoked their prior prediction of El Nino rains.

“We’ve heard that the country will experience El Nino rains, which have the potential to destroy property.” But God has been faithful,” Ruto explained.

“We have now heard from meteorologists that this will no longer be the case.” We’ll just get heavy rainfall. We thank God.”

The Kenya Meteorological Department has previously predicted that El Nino will hit Kenya between October and December.

The Department of Agriculture predicted that El Nino effects would last until January 2024 in several areas, including Western Kenya and sections of the Rift Valley.


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