Is GACHAGUA going to forge his own path after his disagreement with RUTO? See who he ran into on Saturday?


Rigathi Gachagua, Deputy President, seemed to be on to something huge.

This comes after he met with billionaires and lawmakers from the Mount Kenya region at a high-end resort in Nyeri to map a course for Central Kenya.

This comes despite allegations that he does not agree with his employer, President William Ruto.

Gachagua and Ruto have recently been reading from different scripts, particularly on the DP’s shareholding remarks.

The discussion focused on the country’s economy, with a special emphasis on the tea and coffee sectors within the agriculture sector, on which a large number of Central Kenya citizens rely.

During the meeting, Gachagua committed to root out the agricultural cartels that have made it impossible for farmers to earn the actual value of their produce.

“The Business community plays a critical role in shaping any nation’s economy; they create the much-needed jobs for our country,” he said.

Gachagua also informed Kenyans that, despite the high taxation, the government is working hard to ensure that the money gathered from Kenyans is used wisely.

“We have an international obligation, and we must pay our debts regardless of which administration incurred them.” That’s why we’re tightening up on revenue collection,” he explained.

Former Nyeri Town MP Wambugu praised Gachagua for convening the meeting, which has been described as an excellent forum for charting the region’s route to development.

“When we come together as a region, we do so to add value both internally and externally.” Internally, we push each other to be better. “We leverage our strengths and make Kenya better,” he said.


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