MUTAHI NGUNYI gives RUTO advice on running a “ungrateful nation.”


Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi, a well-known political analyst, has given President William Ruto some advice as he continues to run the country.

In a social media post on Sunday, Ngunyi asked the President to be strong as the country adjusts to and grows accustomed to a ‘hustler president.’

Mutahi, on the other hand, admitted that Ruto is leading an ungrateful people.

Ngunyi also encouraged the President to find joy and peace in his work.

According to the political scientist, Ruto’s government is aiming to generate a general condition of happiness for Kenyans, and things will return to normal.

“Dear Mr. Ruto: May you find JOY in your work. And PEACE after you’re finished. Keep in mind that thoughts become things, and words become FLESH (Jesus).

“Thank you for being the leader of a UNGRATEFUL nation.”

“SLOWLY, we’re getting used to a Hustler President.” #MashujaaDay to you. Ngunyi posted on his X platform, “Kaa Ngumu.”


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