WAJACKOYAH claims that RAILA ODINGA’s men have told him that he should run for president again in 2027 – Mimi sio Mjinga!


Prof George Luchiri Wajackoyah, presidential candidate for the Roots Party of Kenya, has uncovered intrigues within the Azimio One Kenya Alliance as the opposition group prepares for the 2027 presidential election.

Wajackoyah revealed on Saturday that he has been approached by opposition emissaries who have pushed him to run for president again in 2027.

Wajackoyah, on the other hand, flatly rejected the idea, declaring, “Mimi Si Mjinga” (I am not a fool).

He reiterated that he had no plans to re-enter the presidential contest and asked Azimio authorities to reconsider their recommendation.

This revelation adds a new element of intrigue to the political environment, as Wajackoyah’s decision might have far-reaching consequences for the 2027 elections and the Azimio alliance’s dynamics.

In the run-up to the highly anticipated presidential election, the politician’s audacious attitude raises concerns about the internal dynamics of political coalitions.


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