As bulldozers arrive, 33 Mavoko pastors whose churches are due to be razed in Athi River make a plea to RUTO


Pastors of 33 churches facing demolition in Athi River, Mavoko, have finally spoken out about the impact on their places of worship.

Two pastors told the press over the weekend that their churches had been spared demolition, but that their congregations had shrunk dramatically.

The main pastor of Holy Vision Center, Theophilus Kyalo Kithome, stated that he was at a crossroads after seeing that church attendance on the most recent Sunday had been low in comparison to earlier worship sessions.

“To say the truth, we do not know what to do because everyone is in a rush to salvage their belongings since our congregation has left,” he went on to say.

Previously, the government promised that churches would be spared demolition in order for them to recover their property.

Jesus Magnifying Glass Center Pastor James Mwaniki, whose church was also open for business, expressed anxiety about how long his church would be permitted to continue.

He was grateful that churches were given a window to remove the buildings, but he expressed concern that the specific duration was not mentioned.

“We were given a report that churches on this land will not be demolished and asked to stay for a while but we do not know how much longer,” he was quoted as saying.

“These demolitions have affected a lot of people (including churchgoers) who have left but we are still open to praise the Lord.”


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