KABOGO now accuses UHURU of being crafty and dishonest – just look at what he did to him!


Former Kiambu County Governor William Kabogo has spoken out about his friendship with former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

During an interview, the outspoken lawmaker accused the former President of being a cunning, dishonest friend who repeatedly tried to undercut him.

To substantiate his assertions, Kabogo, who campaigned for Kiambu Governor on The National Alliance (TNA) ticket in 2013, accused Uhuru, his party’s leader at the time, of secretly rallying support for another candidate.

The candidate in question was former Kiambu Governor James Nyoro of the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC).

Kabogo claimed during the interview that Uhuru’s lawyer ended up representing Nyoro in court. Kabogo filed a lawsuit against the party after noticing a billboard endorsing Nyoro in Muthaiga with Uhuru’s face and TNA branding.

“In 2013, they tried to drop me (from the gubernatorial race), the same Uhuru Kenyatta that I was working with,” he said.

“In 2013, they gave Nyoro (James, former Kiambu Governor) a ticket under NARC and they put up a billboard at Muthaiga displaying Nyoro and Uhuru’s faces.”

In response to the political shadiness, Kabogo announced his intention to sue the party and its officials. However, the fallout continued throughout the following electoral campaign cycle, when he accused the party of choosing Ferdinand Waititu.

“I complained to the now-President (William Ruto) during Waititu’s tenure.” I tried to blame him, and things grew hot because I never hide my emotions. “I told him, ‘You fixed me,’ and he simply replied, ‘William, I can feel you, but I know you know where your problems came from,'” he explained.

Kabogo later felt marginalized after Uhuru passed over him for the Elder of the Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya (EGH) title, Kenya’s second-highest honor.


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