Attorney General JUSTIN MUTURI is now making excuses for not adequately advising RUTO – You’re not going to believe this


Attorney General Justin Muturi attempted to explain why his agency is underperforming in terms of legal advice to President William Ruto and his government.

Speaking at a legal practitioners’ seminar, AG Muturi said that he is understaffed, which is why he has not been delivering services across the country.

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He stated that the State Law Office is severely understaffed, with a lack of lawyers capable of handling the office’s task.

Muturi said that, despite getting cabinet approval six months ago, the establishment of offices in the 47 autonomous units has been put on hold.

“Three months ago, I got a cabinet approval to establish in each county the Office of the Attorney General because it is about devolution,” Muturi stated.

The President’s chief legal advisor stated that he believes in the Constitution and that his office has to be aided in carrying out its duty properly.

”Chapter six of the constitution states that every state organ should be devolved to the lowest unit,” said Muturi.

He further noted that a lack of lawyers in branches around the country has resulted in poor service delivery.

On June 27, a Cabinet meeting in State House Nairobi presided over by President William Ruto approved the establishment of State Law Offices in all 47 counties.

The decision to devolve State Law Office functions was motivated by the desire to bring services closer to people and improve service delivery.


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