Take a look at what CS ABABU NAMWAMBA did to legendary broadcaster LEONARD MAMBO MBOTELA – GOD bless him!


Ababu Namwamba, the Sports Cabinet Secretary, performed an act of God on Tuesday by visiting the home of legendary broadcaster Leonard Mambo Mbotela.

The CS went to see Mbotela, who has been battling illness for several years.

Namwamba honored Mbotela with the Hongera Award and Sh 1 million during his visit in celebration of his contributions to the nation.

The CS and the iconic broadcaster, famed for his ‘Je Huu Ni Uungwana’ programme, reminisced about the good old days of radio broadcasting, particularly sports commentary, in a message posted on the ministry’s official X account.

“CS Ababu thanked the broadcaster for his contribution to radio broadcasting in the country, adding that his name would live on in our nation’s history.”

“He lauded Mr. Mbotela’s mentorship of so many journalists in Kenya and reserved special praise for him for nurturing and showing them the way,” the statement goes on to say.

Namwamba, for his part, praised Mbotela as a living legend, saying that his presence was a great blessing for him.

“I drank from the fountain of wisdom of this incredible national hero of all time, the ever-green, irrepressible colossus Leonard Mambo Mbotela, he of the peerless “Je, huu ni ungwana” fame,” Namwamba said on his official X account.


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