Rift Valley governor blames RUTO for shortchanging his county with fireworks – Look! The Kalenjins are displeased


Bomet Governor Hilary Barchok has lambasted President William Ruto’s government for underinvesting in his county, despite the region’s overwhelming support for him in the last election.

Barchok questioned why Bomet’s equitable share pales in comparison to other smaller counties with fewer people.

According to Barchok, Bomet deserves more, especially given how much it has traditionally contributed to Ruto’s political path.

“I believe the only money we’ve received in the last year is about Ksh 9 million.” Examine the distribution of funds allocated to highways. “We’ve been given nothing,” the Governor charged.

“Even if we live in a forest, I believe we have rights.” Bomet should not be exploited as a vote trough, but when it comes to development initiatives, we get a terrible deal,” he continued.

The Governor underlined that Bomet citizens are dissatisfied and have been questioning why the national government has not kept its promises to them.

As a result, he requested that all government institutions charged with finishing major projects in the region do so as soon as possible.

“To be fair to the people of Kenya and to the people of Bomet, anyone who has been assigned a Ministry including Cabinet Secretaries and PSs, we want you to be fair to us,” the governor said.

He also warned his fellow UDA politicians who have made a habit of visiting the county to attend political gatherings to focus on development rather than politics.

“Bring your development agenda.” “Tell us what you’re doing for the people of Bomet, but politics can wait until 2027, when we’ll meet at the polls,” the Governor added.

Governor Barchok’s comment comes amid political instability in the region.

An gathering recently arranged by regional women’s representative Linet Chepkorir devolved into mayhem after National Assembly Majority Whip Sylvanus Osoro took the podium to address the residents.


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