The DPP reveals a bombshell in Pastor EZEKIEL’s case just hours after the judge freed him for the Shakahola massacre


Despite the court’s release, embattled Pastor Ezekiel Odero is not yet free.

This comes after the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) declined to drop the Shakahola massacre probe.

In a statement issued last night, the DPP indicated that Pastor Ezekiel is still being investigated by the prosecution for his involvement in the Shakahola massacre.

He denied media reports, stating that investigations were still ongoing and that no case against the clergyman had been dropped.

The remark came in response to media reports that the case linking Pastor Ezekiel to the killings had been concluded, and the Judiciary had ordered his Ksh1.5 million bail to be reimbursed.

Earlier in the day, media sources suggested that Odero was freed free after the ODPP agreed to dismiss all investigations against him.

Some media sites even cited the prosecution’s court submissions and a verdict that ordered the file to be closed after the investigations were completed.


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