As TOTO grows, Nandi MP wins 81 jobs in DUBAI for his constituents – monthly salary of Sh 100,000


Bernard Kitur, Member of Parliament for Nandi Hills, has become the buzz of the town after revealing that 81 of his constituents will go to Dubai this week after receiving work visas.

Kitur, a first-term MP, said in a social media post on Wednesday that he traveled to Dubai to locate possibilities for his constituents and that he was able to get 81 posts for drivers, plumbers, and construction managers.

The MP further mentioned that the 81 men and women will be paid a monthly minimum wage of Sh 100,000.

“I’m sending 81+ young folks to Dubai this week to work…The attachments are just a few examples of the few visas being produced.

The pay is in excess of KSh 100,000. They didn’t have to pay anything for this…This is only the start. “I want to move 1000+ young people by the end of next year and over 5000 in my five-year tenure,” Kitur said on Facebook.

This is a significant victory for the MP because many politicians elected in last year’s election are only interested in robbing Constituency Development Fund (CDF) funds and erecting mansions without regard for the hardship of their constituents.

Linet Chepkorir aka Toto, the Kericho Women Representative, is one of the most useless MPs, having done nothing but gorge herself since being elected.


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