MAINA NJENGA, ex-Mungiki leader, explains why RUTO ‘blocked’ GACHAGUA from meeting KING CHARLES III at State House but let RAILA – He never expected this.


Former Mungiki Leader Maina Njenga has questioned why Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua was away when King Charles III came.

Njenga alleged in an interview today that President William Ruto did not want Gachagua to reveal sensitive information.

“I would ask these people who send him out of the country especially when important guests are coming to the country, why do that?” he said.

Njenga also stated that if Gachagua had been present at the meeting, he would have raised some important questions about the Mau Mau.

Gachagua recently returned from a trip to Europe.

Gachagua’s absence at the Tuesday State House function sparked speculation among Kenyans that President William Ruto was keeping his DP away from the royal family.

More questions were raised by the presence of Opposition Leader Raila Odinga and members of the Azimio alliance at the event.

On the subject, Njenga stated that Raila would not have attended the function unless he had first obtained permission from Ruto.

“As the book of Amos says, two people cannot walk together unless they agree.” “Ruto and Raila had a long conversation,” he continued.

The former Mungiki chief also denied that Gachagua was the kingpin of Mt Kenya, as he stated.

According to Njenga, the region lacked a kingpin and has only a 30% stake in the current government.

“Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is not Mt. Kenya’s kingpin.” He is the Deputy President of Kenya, and he co-chairs the Kenyan government with William Ruto,” he explained.


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