Residents of Laikipia protest GACHAGUA’s wife, Pastor DORCAS, and her project – Look! Was she planning to seize their property?


Pastor Dorcas, the wife of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, finds herself in new territory.

This comes after Rumuruti Town residents in Laikipia County protested yesterday over Pastor Dorcas’ plans to build a wellness and rehabilitation center in the region.

Protesters requested the immediate return of a 300-acre plot of land purportedly granted to Pastor Dorcas by the Laikipia County Government for the development of the facility.

“As a people, we are saying with one voice that the County Government must engage us in how our land is used,” a demonstrator said.

“We will not accept. We will not allow our land to be distributed unlawfully; where are our Laikipia leaders?”

Residents criticized the Pastor Dorcas-led endeavor, stating that it focuses on treating rather than fixing the problem.

They went on to accuse the County Government of failing to conduct public engagement.

As a result, citizens have threatened to hold violent protests if the County Government fails to meet their requests.

“We will demonstrate until the last minute, and we will organize an even larger one,” said another homeowner.

Pastor Dorcas attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the rehabilitation center, which will include a detention center, on October 11.

According to the Second Lady, patients would be kept at the hospital until they have fully recovered.

“A health village is a community-based rehabilitation program.” This implies that victims of alcoholism and drug misuse are not only enrolled in medication, but they are also trained in TVET, which includes, among other things, sporting activities and religious institutions for their spiritual well-being,” Pastor Dorcas explained at the time.


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