See the prominent position RAILA promised former Mungiki Leader MAINA NJENGA if he had won the election before RUTO ‘fixed’ it?


Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga vowed to hand over the Interior Ministry’s key docket to former Mungiki Leader Maina Njenga.

During an interview, Njenga revealed that Raila had promised to appoint him as Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) if he won the presidency.

“I would be now the one in charge of Kindiki’s docket because I was promised the Interior Cabinet Secretary position if Raila won the election,” he told reporters.

Simultaneously, Njenga discussed his role in the Opposition’s protests earlier this year.

While spilling the beans, the former Mungiki colleague reportedly recalled Raila calling him immediately after President William Ruto was sworn in to inquire about his thoughts on the course of events.

Njenga persuaded Raila at the time to refute the election results and call for protests, and upon mutual agreement, the Opposition appointed him Director of Operations for the nationwide rallies.


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