MANYORA has announced that he will no longer be commenting on politics due to his poor health.


Prof Herman Manyora of the University of Nairobi has indicated that he will stop speaking on political issues in order to improve his mental health.

Manyora, a seasoned political commentator, announced on his YouTube account on Sunday that he is no longer commenting on politics due to sadness.

Manyora, an experienced political analyst with years of expertise, announced his intention to leave his position as a political analyst owing to the emotional impact of some of the subjects he had been researching.

Immersing oneself in the troubles affecting our country, the seasoned analyst said, might easily drive a person insane.

“One of the of the reasons I am leaving this game; I was almost going into depression because we talk about some of these issues until we get affected, and my health is better than anything as this country can send you to depression,” he remarked at the time.


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