MIGUNA MIGUNA abandons RUTO and joins RAILA in this – remember how he fiercely defended BABA?


For the first time, lawyer Miguna Miguna has sided with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in the Palestine-Israel issue.

Raila, speaking in Mombasa over the weekend, encouraged President William Ruto to rethink Kenya’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza.

He stated that Kenya should support the Palestinian people who are being brutalized by Israeli forces.

Ruto has publicly supported Israel.

The former prime minister stated that if the Kenyan government stayed mute on the atrocities against Palestinians, history would condemn Ruto.

“I urge Mr Ruto not to be misled into condemning your own brothers and sisters.” Don’t remain silent in the face of humanity being meted out to the Palestinian people. “The Kenyan government must stand by the people who are being brutalized, or else history will judge you,” Raila warned.

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, urges Israelis to recognize Palestinian rights.

The opposition leader went on to call on Israel’s President Benjamin Netanyahu to end the conflict in Gaza, calling it inhumane and primitive.

“I urge Mr. Netanyahu to halt the killing of Arab children in Palestine.” Mr Netanyahu’s regime’s violence against innocent children and women in Palestine must be condemned in the harshest terms imaginable. We oppose it because it is inhumane, crude, and terrible,” he added.

However, in reporting on Raila’s remarks, one of the local media portrayed him as condemning Israel’s attack on Hamas in Gaza.

Hamas is the political and military group that governs the Gaza Strip.

Miguna would appear to correct the media outlet’s reporting.

To put things in context, Miguna claimed that Raila had denounced the Netanyahu-led army, not Hamas, for brutalizing Palestinians.

“You are a Zionist agent out to mislead and distort.” Apartheid Israel, according to Raila Odinga, is “brutalizing Palestinians.” He didn’t say anything about “Hamas” in the video you posted. Shame on the ineffective Kenyan media!” Miguna said.

Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma reiterated his remarks, noting that Raila was in sympathy with the Palestinian people, not Hamas.


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