RUTO exposes land swindlers attempting to defraud his administration in Dongo Kundu – See what he said to them?


President William Ruto has foiled a number of people’ attempts to defraud the government by claiming compensation for parcels in Dongo Kundu that they do not own.

During a church service yesterday, Ruto revealed that a list of people requesting compensation was handed to him. However, the entire episode appeared suspicious, as several of the names raised suspicions.

Ruto said that after thorough investigation, several of the identified individuals lived in Busia, Kakamega, and his own hometown of Eldoret.

The individuals, some of whom were wealthy, had snuck their names into the list kept to guide compensation for residents displaced from the property acquired to build a Special Economic Zone.

“I have plans in place to keep scammers, conmen, and corrupt people out.” “The only people we will compensate are those who live on the parcel, not those who live elsewhere,” the President addressed the crowd.

“I was given a list of people to be compensated in Dongo Kundu, which included people from Busia, Kakamega, Eldoret, and Nakuru, and I wondered why we should pay people from Nakuru when the problem is in Dongo.” The list was rife with crooked people and conmen.”

He further emphasized that the economic zones and government investment at the Ports of Mombasa and Lamu were intended to improve the lives of Kenyans in general, and people of the two counties in particular.

“Everything we do at the Port of Mombasa and Lamu is solely for the benefit of the people of Kenya and the people of this region.” Individuals and select businesses are not permitted to use the redesigned ports,” he added.


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