After Energy CS DAVIS CHIRCHIR suggested raising fuel prices to Sh300 per liter, RUTO was obliged to convene a crisis meeting.


President William Ruto has been compelled to face the looming issue of rising fuel prices.

This comes after Energy CS Davis Chirchir hinted at a possible increase in fuel costs, which did not sit well with Kenyans.

As a result, Ruto convened a crisis conference to handle the impending fuel price increase.

During an interview, Ndindi Nyoro, chair of the National Assembly budget committee, stated that Ruto invited Kenya Kwanza leadership to handle the situation, which could further force Kenyans into economic despair.

“The economy is improving, and we are doing everything we can.” “Fuel prices will not rise to the levels predicted,” Nyoro said.

On Monday, Chirchir told the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) that if Israel’s current battle in Gaza continues, fuel costs could skyrocket, prompting outrage.

“I read an article in the Financial Times the other day that because of the Hamas and Israeli War, the international prices could go up to USD150 (per barrel) and that would literally mean our products going to a high of Ksh300 at the pump,” CS Chirchir said in a statement to the National Dialogue

The remarks came as the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) reported that global crude prices have fallen, with neighboring Tanzania lowering its pump pricing.

Nyoro defended Chirchir, claiming that the media had misquoted the Energy CS.

According to the Kiharu MP, Chirchir indicated that gasoline prices would rise only if the current international climate remained stable.

Nyoro further said that Kenya Kwanza inherited a collapsing economy and that it would be hard to lower commodity prices all at once.

The senator stated that Ruto’s administration will aim to lower the prices of basic goods and items such as Unga and fuel in the short term.

Ruto and his allies have blamed Uhuru for failing to turn around the economy in his first year in power.


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