ODM Senator EDWIN SIFUNA promises to miss RUTO’s State of the Nation Address, saying, “I can’t sit and keep quiet as RUTO lies to Kenyans.”


Senator Edwin Sifuna of Nairobi has sworn he will never go to President William Ruto’s State of the Nation Address, which is scheduled for later today at Parliament Buildings.

When explaining his decision to miss the event, the Secretary General of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) stated that he would not be able to follow the parliamentary regulations governing events of this magnitude.

Lawmakers are required by Parliament Standing Orders to remain silent during the Head of State’s address to the nation.

In a statement, Sifuna said, “Ruto cannot be trusted to paint the true picture of the State of the Nation, which as you know is dire.”

He insisted that it would get harder for him to sit and hear Ruto’s evaluation of his first year in office.

He said, “I shall not attend the State of the Nation address for these reasons and out of respect for the institution of Parliament.”

Article 132 of the Kenyan Constitution contains the State of the Nation Address clause.


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