Following a year of abject failure, RUTO accuses UHURU of causing the present economic disaster.


President William Ruto has held Uhuru Kenyatta, his predecessor, accountable for the nation’s present economic woes.

Accusing Uhuru of overborrowing loans, Ruto said at Thursday’s State of the Nation speech that the nation had lived beyond its means for the previous ten years.

The leader of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) stated that his party must implement required and practical sustainable measures, such as providing subsidies for production rather than for consumption.

Therefore, it is time to let go of the deceptive comforts and false advantages of unnecessary spending and ineffective consumption subsidies that allowed us to further sink into unneeded debt.

Although the new course may not be simple, it is morally right, sensible, and—above all—necessary. We owe it to Kenyans to do the right thing and face the facts as they are without cowering or equivocating, so we have had to make difficult and painful decisions,” Ruto said.


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