Julius Malema claims that President Ruto is a sellout and a major disappointment to Kenya and the Mau Mau after he put out the red carpet for King Charles III.


President William Ruto has come under fire from Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Party in South Africa, over the lavish welcome that King Charles III and Queen Camilla received during their state visit last week.

Speaking yesterday at the Pan African Institute’s opening at Lukenya University, the leader of the South African opposition claimed that Ruto was a betrayer and a huge disappointment to Kenyans, particularly the Mau Mau group that fought for Kenya’s independence.

Malema contends that the Kenyan government ought to have done more to force the King to express regret to Kenyans for the horrors inflicted by British forces during the colonial era, rather than laying on a red carpet for him to be greeted by the offspring of Mau Mau heroes the British killed in the country’s independence war.

It is our responsibility to stay on course. He continued, “We owe it to the King and Britain to remind them of what they did to us.

“The King does, in fact, exhibit no regret. He says, “It should never have happened,” but he doesn’t say, “I’m sorry.” He believes that his rule elevates him.

Malema urged Ruto to maintain his resolve and advance Kenya’s foreign policy while defending the interests of the African continent.

“The Kenyan government has to make the decision to support colonialism or to be pan-Africanist. Malema said, “You can’t have it both ways.


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