MT KENYA MPs weeping over excessive taxes are advised by WAMUCHOMBA to stop because they are hypocrites.


Gathoni Wamuchomba, a member of parliament from Githunguri, has called the MPs from Mount Kenya who are protesting excessive taxes hypocrites since they disregarded their constituents when they voted in favor of Finance Bill 2023.

Wamuchomba made light of a newspaper headline that said, “Ruto MPs cry out over excessive costs,” in a post on the X platform, adding the remark, “Haaaya! I am the Gazette’s kufunga. (Isn’t the newspaper supposed to be wrapped?).

Known for her unwavering attitude, Wamuchomba resisted the high cost of living and taxes imposed by the Kenya Kwanza Government, even in the face of criticism from other lawmakers for not lending her full support to their initiatives.

She also spoke with the people of Githunguri to get their thoughts on the Housing Bill, and they strongly advised her to vote against it.

One of Kenya Kwanza’s proposals, the housing bill, sought to compel those with official jobs to make contributions to the fund of up to 3 percent of their base wage, with a maximum of Sh2,500.

When prominent lawmaker Gathoni Wamuchomba cast a “No” vote against the bill, President Ruto responded, implying that it was hypocritical of certain leaders to oppose the Finance Bill, particularly given their privileges.

Then, in order to support the former local MP Kago Wa Lydia, President Ruto and Deputy Rigathi Gachagua sent her gift funds for local project


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