OBADO discloses the events taking on in LUO NYANZA. For RAILA ODINGA, this is quite shocking.


Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party will be shocked to learn what is happening in Luo Nyanza, according to former governor of Migori County Okoth Obado.

Speaking on Thursday following pandemonium that shook a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) gathering in Migori, Obado advised Luo Nyanza to face the fact that ODM is losing ground in the area and that UDA is now thriving in its place.

Obado denounced the episode even more, stating that in spite of the fear and annoyance, they are creating a powerful and formidable party.

“Sending young individuals to cause disruptions at a gathering is wrong. We hope that this meeting will go smoothly. Our goal is to create an extremely powerful party. People won’t be forced to follow leaders, according to Obado.

Obado has organized multiple party recruitment campaigns in Luo Nyanza while serving as the UDA chairman in Migori County.


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