RAILA breaks off silent on demands for demonstrations over the expense of living. You said that my demonstrations were ruining your businesses; thus, why are you pleading with me to return to the streets?


ODM Leader Raila Odinga has spoken out in favor of reviving demonstrations against the high cost of living.

This comes after some Kenyans expressed worry about his lack of response.

Kenya has called for Raila to organize protests in order to pressure the government to address their concerns due to the rising cost of living, which has been punctuated by rises in taxes and fuel costs.

However, in response to the appeals, Raila reminded Kenyans of how the same people had denounced him for holding protests, saying it was hurting companies.

People are suffering today everywhere, even among those who have expressed support for Azimio Inaharibu’s protests, according to Yao. Leo wanakuja baba yuko wapi kusema? He’s not talking, baba ako kimya,” Raila remarked.

“You said your business was being destroyed by demonstrations, but now taxes are doing the same to it.”

Raila said that it will be hard to deal with living expenses while President William Ruto and his administration are raising taxes.

He claimed that raising taxes would encourage tax evasion, which would prevent the government from collecting vital taxes.

“Tax evasion is a persistent problem that cannot be solved by raising taxes alone. People will always find ways to avoid paying taxes,” the speaker stated.

In an effort to eliminate those who are pilfering from the State, Raila has requested that the administration carry out an audit.

He claimed that doing this will assist raise some money to meet Kenyans’ needs.


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