UHURU has been accused by RUTO of excessive borrowing. Take a look at the TRILLIONS he has borrowed in the past year and his meager returns.


Pauline Njoroge, a renowned communication specialist, has attacked President William Ruto for asserting that the nation’s current economic crisis is the result of previous President Uhuru Kenyatta’s excessive borrowing.

Ruto claimed that Uhuru overborrowed throughout his ten-year government, which is why the nation is in financial trouble, at Thursday’s State of the Nation address.

Pauline Njoroge claims that Uhuru borrowed Sh 6.7 trillion throughout his ten years in office, while Ruto has borrowed Sh 1.6 trillion in the past year.

Ruto will have borrowed Sh16 trillion if he were to borrow that in the next ten years, which would imply he will have tripled Uhuru’s borrowing in that time.

“Ruto has borrowed more than Ksh 1.6 trillion in a single year, while Uhuru borrowed Ksh 6.7 trillion during his ten-year term. Pauline stated on her X platform, “Despite this, there is little evidence of the current administration’s borrowing, and projections indicate further concerning borrowing patterns.”


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