Kenyans would suffer more as RUTO suggests raising land taxes and search fees.


The administration of President William Ruto has suggested raising land taxes in order to generate revenue for its operations.

The Ruto administration requests that land search fees be increased from Sh 500 to Sh 2000 in a gazette notification published by Lands Cabinet Secretary Alice Wahome.

In addition, the plans increased the prices for land registration to Sh 1,500, company certificate fees to Sh 1,500, and trust incorporation to Sh 50,000, from Sh 5,000.

Certified copies of land will now require application fees of Sh 3,000 for the first ten copies and Sh 100 for each extra page. Additional fees are Sh 1,500 for resubmitting any document for registration, Sh 2,500 for name corrections not caused by the registrar, Sh 5,000 for a notice of power of attorney revocation, and Sh 5,000 for determining boundaries in disputes.


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