UHURU has told Kenyans that Raila Odinga is going to expose the RUTO OIL agreement, in which he receives Sh 30 for each litre of petroleum sold!


Zambio Raila Odinga, the leader of the Kenya Alliance, has threatened to reveal how President William Ruto negotiated a massive oil deal in which he received Sh 30 for each litre of fuel sold.

Speaking to mourners on Saturday at the burial of former Nyakach MP Peter Odoyo’s widow, Raila stated that Uganda withdrew from the Kenya oil agreement upon discovering that certain cartels led by Ruto were enriching themselves by adding an additional Sh 30.

“Without fear of contradiction, I can say that the real price should be Sh 187, but we pay Sh 217 per litre, of which Sh 30 go to some people’s pockets,” Raila stated.

That’s the reason why Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, declined to participate: why should he foot the bill for the corruption of Kenyan officials? A government-to-government agreement is a huge swindle, and Nitatomboa is next week, Raila continued.


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