GACHAGUA says, “No reverse gear, coffee reforms must succeed,” as he keeps up his battle with the cartels.


Rigathi Gachagua, the deputy president, is optimistic about the future of the ongoing coffee reforms.

Speaking at a briefing on the distribution of the additional coffee cherry advance revolving fund with the coffee stakeholders, chaired by the cabinet secretary Ministry of Cooperatives and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Gachagua expressed his continued optimism that the reforms will take effect and the farmers will soon reap the well-earned rewards.

“These reforms need to be implemented and maintained. And for that reason, we were able to persuade the cabinet to provide Sh4 billion. We’re going to keep improving it. We must collaborate,” DP Rigathi remarked.

This meeting is the last in a series of consultations that took place prior to the Coffee Cherry Advance revolving fund being made available.

Reforms pertaining to coffee have been given top priority by the government as an essential tactic to boost output and productivity in the industry.

Nothing has changed; the dirt is the same, thus we must win this battle. We’re not giving up; we’re resolute. It will return to its 1970s state thanks to this. Itapatikana rahisi hakuna kizuri. Although it is difficult, we are adamant, DP Rigathi remarked.

The administration of the upgraded Coffee Cherry Advance Revolving Fund was discussed in detail during the meeting.

On his part, Chelugui praised President William Ruto’s administration for providing coffee growers with Sh4 billion, stating that the additional funds, on top of the 2.74 billion shillings already in place, have significantly increased interest and made the farmers pleased.

In keeping with the government’s eagerness to get the revisions enshrined in law, the Senate has already reviewed the coffee bill once.


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