I was in error. Mr. President, please pardon me. MUTAHI NGUNYI, having kept his campaign pledge, apologizes to RUTO.


President William Ruto has received an apology from political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi after Monday’s tree-planting event proved to be successful.

Among the leaders who questioned the program’s efficacy and the necessity of the holiday for the tree-planting activity was Ngunyi.

This administration doesn’t make sense. Why November 13th is a public holiday is beyond me. He asked last week, “Is there anything they know that we do not know?”

Kenyans will sip beer akin to El Nino over the 13th weekend. Too poor to purchase trees. Is the plan to make us inebriated? Why, too?

On Monday, Ngunyi pointed out that his interpretation of the holiday was incorrect.

He apologized, pointing out that the tree-planting initiative had proven a great success.

“I made a mistake on #TreePlantingDay. It was really successful. On his X platform, Ngunyi wrote, “Everyone I know planted a tree.”

“In my compound, my two grandsons planted mango trees. Please pardon your detractors, Ruto,” he continued.

In order to encourage Kenyans to plant trees in designated public spaces, the government distributed over 150 million free seedlings to chiefs’ offices and forest agency facilities located throughout all 47 counties.

Ruto oversaw the tree-planting project in Makueni’s Kiu Wetland while his PSs and Cabinet Secretaries were dispersed throughout the nation.


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