Oil merchant Anne Njeri claims, “Ruto’s men threatened me with death in the KARURA forest.”


After being called in last week regarding her Sh 17 billion diesel consignment that she purchased from Turkey, renowned oil cartel Anne Njeri Njoroge has described how she was subjected to torture by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Speaking to reporters outside a Mombasa court on Tuesday, Anne alleged that she was brought to the Karura forest by DCI after arriving, according to her attorney Cliff Ombeta.

“Relatives and the last person she was with were requested to leave the property. Subsequently, she was housed in a house amidst the Karura forest, according to Ombeta.

He added that after leaving the DCI headquarters, Anne was blindfolded and brought to the cottage in the middle of the Karura forest.

Ombeta claimed, “She was threatened with death if she did not abandon the oil and withdraw the case from the Mombasa High Court.”

“This fuel has been stolen by the government.” They placed it in their pipes even though it wasn’t theirs.

According to Ombeta, on Monday, Anne was left behind at Nyayo in Embakasi.

She was confined to a single room with shackles around her. To aid herself, she had to seek for permission. She was threatened for two days,” he claimed.

“There were actual threats to kill her.”

According to Ombeta, they promised to release her on Sunday with certain restrictions.

Ombeta stated, “She was told she had to leave the country, not speak to her lawyers, and withdraw the case she had filed in Mombasa.”

“Then they realized they would have to produce her because there was a habeas corpus application pending in court.”

He declared that the lawsuit would not be dropped in court.

Ombeta claimed that the police behaved like outlaws and that they made an effort to haggle for a share of the Sh17 billion fuel.

“Her fuel would be less expensive than the fuel provided by the government.” It’s regrettable,” he remarked.

President William Ruto and other high ranking government officials are aware of Njeri’s torture and are pushing for a reduction in her fuel import, which costs Sh 17 billion.


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