RUTO does not consider corruption to be a crime, according to attorney DANSTAN OMARI


President William Ruto has been under fire from renowned Nairobi attorney Danstan Omari, who claims that Ruto is ignoring corruption within his administration.

Omari claimed in a Tuesday interview with K24 TV that Ruto, who gained power by lying, had not addressed any examples of corruption as he had pledged to do during his presidential campaign.

The Kenya Kwanza government has disregarded corruption. It’s not a transgression, Omari said.

Omari contended that since the government possesses all the means of authority, the criminals would have been in police custody if the reported corruption instances had been true.

“There have been claims of widespread corruption under former presidents Uhuru and Raila. Kenya Kwanza is in control of all the tools of power, but nobody has been detained or charged as of yet, he claimed.

“People would be in Kamiti prison by now if there had been any stealing, in fact. He continued, “I told you they are very good talkers.


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