Consider the funds in ANNE NJERI’s bank account, despite the fact that she claims to have imported oil worth Sh 17 billion to Kenya.


Ahmednasir Abdullahi, a well-known Nairobi lawyer, has slammed renowned fuel dealer Anne Njeri for claiming to be the owner of Sh 17 billion in diesel fuel in Mombasa.

Njeri claims, through her lawyer Cliff Ombeta, that she imported the fuel from Turkey last month and was financially supported by a ‘Israeli friend.’

In response to Njeri’s claims, Ahmednasir called her a “crazy woman” who didn’t even have Sh 10,000 in her account.

“Kenya is a farce. A woman who probably never had $10,000 in her bank account claims to hold oil worth Kshs 17 billion and is weeping like a lunatic at the local market…and we Kenyans lack the collective wisdom to give her a hearing!” Ahmednasir used his X platform to write.


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