Insecurity Along Southern Bypass


Police Officers based in Langata followed a lead about robbers armed with machetes who were preparing to launch attacks against motorists along the southern bypass yesterday.

The well-executed operation led to the successful arrest of three suspects identified as Brian Mwangi and Nickson Muchiri; the third suspect whose name was not identified, is said to be a 15 year old boy. 

The three will be arraigned in court today to answer to charges of preparing to commit a felony, contrary to section 308 (1) of the penal code. 

Both motorists and cyclists have filed numerous reports about the increasing rates of robbery along the highway especially in the morning and evening hours.

A week ago, a motorist and his 3 year old son were attacked by six other suspects along the highway, luckily, police officers managed to capture them from the nearby forest. 

It is a matter that is being looked into, together with the request from motorists to put more security officers along the highway.


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