Irrefutable evidence showing fugitive cop, CAROLINE KANGOGO, was killed by rogue DCI agents – See the treasure trove of evidence


Fugitive cop, Caroline Kangogo’s suicide theory is now appearing to be a false narrative by the police following the emergence of fresh evidence that indicates that the rogue cop was killed and her body dragged into her parent’s bathroom.

Kangogo had been on the run for 11 days after she killed two men, one in Nakuru and the other one in Juja.

However, on Friday, her lifeless body was found inside her parent’s bathroom in Elgeyo Marakwet County.

Police said the mother of two committed suicide but by the look of the scene of the crime, Kangogo was exterminated.

The police alleged that Kangogo committed suicide by shooting herself using a Ceska gun.

It has emerged that nobody at home heard the gunshot even though the Ceska pistol did not have a silencer.

Additionally, it is cited that there were no screams in the bathroom as Kangogo allegedly shot herself.

Other details indicated that several footprints were spotted in the maize farm of the late Caroline Kangogo’s family.

These new revelations have raised more speculations as to whether the body of Kangogo was brought into the family’s compound after she was assassinated.


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