Is Kenya ready for a female president?


    Women are pillars of our community. How they deal with the challenges we encounter on a daily basis makes them uniquely positioned to make the change we need for tomorrow. This is not only about women but about the hope that comes when we imagine the possibilities. Women are leaders! They are already winners.

    Despite combined efforts, women’s participation in politics is curtailed by many obstacles. Women political representation in Kenya continues to lag behind. The only way to address the gender gap is to take action. Women are seen but rarely heard. There is need to demonstrate their capabilities as women in different spheres of influence.

    Media is key in educating and transforming female empowerment to the masses. Media plays a central role in any democracy, more-so during any electioneering period. It portrays the realistic lives of women leaders.

    To all aspiring female leaders, I urge you to put yourselves out there. It is not easy given the challenges you will face along your journey, but it is worth it


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