Is RAILA’s man OTIENDE AMOLLO also a freemason? See what he has said after the shocking confession of his business partner AMBROSE RACHIER.


Rarieda Member of Parliament, Otiende Amollo, has vehemently denied being a member of the Freemason society.

This comes after his friend and business partner, Ambrose Rachier, confessed to being a member of the Freemason society in Kenya.

In a statement on Monday, Otiende Amollo, who owns a law firm with Ambrose Rachier, distanced himself from the secret society.

He also distanced the company the two own, Rachier & Amollo LLP, from the activities of the secret organization.

Rachier lifted the lid on some of the high-net-worth members that form part of the movement including former chief justices as well as other wealthy movers and shakers across the country.

“Interesting times! I have seen an interview by my law firm partner Ambrose Rachier on Freemasonry! I am not and will never join Freemasonry!

“Let it be known that the law firm of Rachier & Amollo LLP is not associated with the movement!” Amollo firmly stated.

The law firm was founded at the tail-end of the 1990s as a dynamic and result-oriented law firm, providing a full range of legal services to commercial and private clients.

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Rachier explained that the team, which is sought by high society, carries out its rituals similar to circumcisions and weddings.

He further noted that the movement is brought together by the need of propagating charitable activities from the country’s one percent.


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