Here Is What Mulamwah Did After Young Artist Disrespected Jalang’o


A few weeks ago, Kenyan Comedia Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o helped a young artist pay his full rent of Ksh. 18,000 urging him to go work hard and not get used to handouts.

However, the young man felt hurt by the words Jalas said after giving him the money.

A few hours ago, in an interview, he stated that Jalang’o should come for his money or tell him where he is and he will take back the money.

One comedian Kendrick Mulanmwah had offered to link him up for the production of his two songs but after the incident, he cancelled all the plans.

”Mulamwah has cancelled his planned financial support to upcoming artists following his abusive utterance after being helped by Jalang’o. 

”Mulamwah had offered to sponsor him to record at least two songs to kickstart his career.” This is as posted by the Local website Nairobi Gossip Club posted on their official Instagram account.

This fiasco has since sparked a lot of mixed reactions on social media with Netizens taking sides on the issue.

Some argued that Jalang’o did not have to accompany his help with such words but just help and be silent about it.

Others stated that the young man is not appreciative and should not be helped again.

Kenyans on social media had the following to say about the whole issue.

Ras, ”That’s just an excuse. If he REALLY wanted to him, he would still do it whether or not he was abusive- because being kind doesn’t come with ifs and buts- my thoughts.’

Viki Makaveli, ”Unarefund pesa za usaidizi😂😂😂Buda we ni beggar.”

Derrick Ray, ”Unfortunately, the world is not a cartoon program. Choices have consequences😂.”

Glory, ”Mtu anakusaidia wakati wa huu wa covid na sieti ni mzazi wako,ama gava na asanti hakuna? Respect is needed na ndo watu wanakosa zaidi.”


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