Jalang’o receives a surprise for his Langata campaigns


Kiss FM radio presenter Jalang’o’s campaigns for the Langata parliamentary seat are gaining momentum. 

Yesterday, the comedian showcased a heap of t-shirts he received from a friend. 

In a video shared by his friend, the aspiring MP received Orange and black shirts written Jalang’o and Langata 1. 

“I have decided to surprise my friends. I have surprised you with tshirts for your campaign, they are in different colours. You are paying me nothing. Go outside there, win this seat, am with you,” he told Jalang’o.

The gifts are a boost for Jalango’s campaigns, which has been estimated to cost Ksh 50 Million.

“Easily at Ksh 50 million because we were talking about the number of voters and wards in my constituency Lang’ata. Say t-shirts alone…You want at least 1000 people to wear them in each ward. I have 157,ooo voters. So if you are able to reach at least 50% of that we are talking about crazy money,” Jalang’o said in a recent interview.


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