Jilted wife in Molo commits suicide at only 21 and leaves behind a suicide note – What was written will leave you in tears.


A family in Molo is mourning their 21-year-old daughter who committed suicide following domestic quarrels with her husband.

The middle-aged lady left an emotional suicide note disclosing why she decided to cut short her precious life

She accuses her husband of cheating on her with multiple women in the viral suicide note and betraying their trust and friendship.

The deceased lady further says that she loved her husband with all her heart and respected him but he took advantage of her and subjected her to emotional torture.

She also hinted in the suicide note that her husband had plans of marrying another woman and since she was not ready to have a co-wife, she decided to commit suicide and leave them in peace.

She concludes by instructing her husband to take care of their kid and thanks him for the time they spent together.

Here’s the suicide note that she left behind.

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