John Mbadi ordered out of House for five days.


National Assembly Minority Leader John Mbadi has been ordered out of House for five days following the chaos that left Sigowet/Soin MP Kipsengeret Koros with a cut in the face.

Luanda MP Chris Omulele who was chairing the session found Mbadi guilty of misconduct after punching Koros in the face.

Omulele ordered the Suba South MP out of the house and excluded him from five sittings.

“Hon Mbadi is hereby directed to leave precincts of this House,” Omulele said.

Speaking to the press, Mbadi faulted the ruling saying the speaker unilaterally arrived at the decision without following the Standing Orders.

According to Mbadi, Koros was insisting on voting for an absent member despite being cautioned against the move by the clerks.

“When I told him to leave then the member charged at me and he actually bit my finger,” Mbadi said.

“I was acting in self-defence.”

The minority leader however expressed confidence that his side will still defeat the amendments by the Tangatanga wing meant to derail the passing of the Political Parties (Amendment) Bill, 2021.


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