JULIE GICHURU admires her husband’s ripped body – See the photo she posted that has left women cursing their potbellied husbands.


Julie Gichuru’s husband Anthony is physically fit despite being in his fifties.

The wealthy businessman is a fitness freak just like his celebrity wife.

While Anthony’s age mates are struggling with potbellies, his body looks like that of a 25-year-old, thanks to vigorous workouts.

His wife Julie posted a photo of him flaunting his ripped body on her Instagram page and left ladies salivating.

In the photo, Anthony is seen enjoying a vacation in a lavish hotel while shirtless.

He was flaunting his ripped body which resembles that of a movie star.

Julie posted the photo and captioned, “Bae”.

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Ladies couldn’t help but admire her husband’s hot body.

They flooded her timelime with lustful comments.

“Wueh! I was just telling mzee that we must start taking better care of “ourselves” now we MUST! Good motivation here,” a lady commented.

“Huyu ndio black stallion ama?” another one posed.

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