Kakamega Stampede: Anger After Magoha, DPP Haji Release Report


A report by Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji on the Kakamega Primary School stampede which claimed over 14 lives of students was made public on Wednesday, June 24. 

Parents threatened to sue Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha and the school after Haji detailed that the tragedy was unfortunate and no one would be blamed for the loss of lives.

“I find that there is no clear criminal act that has been committed that is evident. No persons have been mentioned that is evident. No persons have been mentioned in connection with the stampede. This is an unfortunate event and innocent children lost their lives.

The preliminary report shed light on allegations raised by parents claiming that a section of pupils saw two boys blocking the stairways. They argued that the two students caused the tragedy as their classmates rushed home from school. 

“None of the witnesses identified these boys either by name, physical description or which particular classroom they belonged to,” the report dated June 9 states.

Parents who lost their children lamented that the investigations were handled haphazardly, arguing that they won’t rest until justice is served to the deceased students.

“We shall receive the report as the way it and we shall decide on the way forward. The only option we shall consider suing the Education Ministry and the school,” one parent stated.

“Teachers have the responsibility to protect students at school. The souls of the students will not rest,” another added while speaking with KTN News.

The DPP interrogate 16 teachers and over 40 students while conducting investigations into the stampede. 

Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion had blamed the Kakamega tragedy that killed 14 pupils on negligence by the Ministry of Education. Sossion stated that CS George Magoha and PS Belio Kipsang failed to prevent the tragedy from occurring. 

“These students’ death was caused by congestion out of the negligence of the Ministry of Education. The law is clear, that the Ministry of Education should establish Education, Standards and Quality Assurance Committee to inspect schools and buildings,” Sossion argued. 


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