KAMENE GORO narrates her experience dating a swindler – The man almost emptied her bank account.


Kiss FM presenter, Kamene Goro, has narrated how she was swindled by her ex-lover after a Netflix Documentary dubbed Tinder Swindler went viral.

Narrating her experience on Kiss FM morning show, Kamene said the man started borrowing money from her on the first date.

 “There is a guy I used to date. On our first date I ended up giving him 16K, apparently there is something he needed to take care of. 

“He was like ‘Unaeza kua na 16K kwa Mpesa? I will refund later.’ To make it look legit he even paid for the bill” she said.

The guy kept on borrowing money from her but she was madly in love and before reality struck her, she had spent a substantial amount of money on him.

“The next time he wanted 22K to fly to Kisumu. Before long he would ask me to send cash for lunch so like the good girlfriend I was I would send 5K or 2K.  

“I realized there was something fundamentally wrong with the situation but I did not leave. 

“I was in Coast for a vacation when the guy called me calling me his ‘sponsor.’ By the time I was breaking up with him I had spent a substantial amount of cash on him,” she added.

Kamene Goro got fed up with the man and eventually broke up with him.

“There was sickness, mara kanjo, maa puncture until I got tired. 

“You never know you are with a swindler until you are swindled a big one,” she further said.


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