KAREN NYAMU reveals she is the one who seduced SAMIDOH, says his charming personality attracts women like a magnet.


Controversial city lawyer and politician, Karen Nyamu, has divulged more details concerning her relationship with Samidoh.

Speaking in an interview, Karen revealed that she was the first to shoot the shot after meeting the famous Mugithi artist at a political rally, where he had been hired to perform.

“I fell in love with him when I met him for the first time. 

“I made the first move,” she said.

She further denied that she wanted to ruin Samidoh’s marriage, adding that she is not a husband snatcher as alleged.

“I know I am called a husband snatcher but Samidoh is not the type to be taken away like that. 

“I have no intentions of breaking that union of him with wife,” she added.

Asked why she washed Samidoh’s dirty linen in public by going live on Instagram and displaying the injuries that he inflicted on her face after battering her, she said, “Everything I did I will not regret. 

“My actions were not planned. I would react then think about it when it is out there. 

“When you love somebody, you don’t wish to destroy them. 

“When I pray for him, I pray for his wife and their children”.

“I did all this because of love. Samidoh is attractive. He is funny. Women out there want him. 

“I was scared, angry and bitter because my first-born daughter witnessed briefly the scuffle. 

“I went live on Instagram to revenge. I even insulted him (Samidoh) through texts” she explained.


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