KDF Destroys Al-Shabaab Camp In Boni Forest


In a sting early morning military operation, the Kenya Defence Forces troops in the multi-agency operation in Boni forest, stormed an Al-Shabaab Makeshift Camp located in the middle of the vast forest in Basuba, Lamu County and killed several Al Shabaab suspects.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the troops also recovered assorted weapons, food stuffs and some communication equipment.

Basuba was among the most hit places by terror in 2015 leading to closure of schools and dispensaries which have now reopened following the efforts of Linda Boni Operations to eleiminate terrorists from the area.

The Sunday morning operation comes as a series of attacks the multi-agency effort has placed on terrorists operating in Boni Forest, a few days after suspected Al-Shabaab exploded an Improvised Explosive Device in Baure Lamu County.

Al-Shabaab militants often pitch makeshift hideouts in Boni Forest from where they lay ambushes and IED attacks on the Kenya security personnel, particularly along the main supply routes in Lamu County and its environs before retreating back into the forest.


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